Goodbye Moon [FLASH FICTION]

Sometimes a single word can ignite your imagination. I was extremely inspired by Emma’s amazing post, where the prompt was a simple (yet powerful) word: moon. The night is such a beautiful place to be, with the simplicity of darkness, away from the busy rush of daytime. Be dynamic during the daylight hours before returning to the night: the place of solace.

The following is flash fiction (merely around 200 words) revolving around the moon. I hope you enjoy it.

A midnight breeze billowed my hair, swaying the disarrayed strands behind me. It brought the one consistency in my life when everything else fell to pieces; broken, wounded and shaken.

You covered the entire sky. Stars crowded around you, basking in your warm glow. Even the interminable darkness sparkled with laughter in your presence. My eyes reflected only you, mouth slightly parted; I was hypnotised by your blinding radiance.

With a soft smile, your wispy rays tilted my chin upwards. Time stood still. Moonlight covered every inch of my face.

I was unaware of my own blindness. I once thought the world was greyscale; that faded colour from my cheeks and blackened eyelids are natural when living. 

After you, I began questioning whether I had lived at all. Could I trap myself in this moment forever? I recognised my wishful thinking, but clutched onto the hope. Stay a little longer…

Like an hourglass, sand trickled down to the bottom, with every grain being a reminder of our limited time.

“Please don’t go,” I whispered to you, my only solace among darkness. 

I don’t want a tomorrow. Tomorrow brings pain with edges to cut my fraying heart. 

Harsh daylight seeped under my eyelids, loud bird cries rung amongst trees, and the cackling of children drowned any impending thoughts. I awoke to another day’s expectations, demands and abuse.

Goodbye, moon.

It was like you never existed.

I’ve also discovered a beautiful instrumental that I’ve held on repeat for a while. It accompanies this piece perfectly.



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