Remember Me [TANKA]

First off: I can’t believe exams are over. I’m having what you’d call a post-exam shock; I’m not entirely certain what to do with my life anymore. Secondly, my writing is extremely out of practice since my recent exams were physics and Maths B –goodbye literature, hello numbers. But regardless, I’m thrilled it’s all over; I gave it my best shot, and I’m ecstatic about that. 🙂

Recently, I read a book about abusive relationships and the complex (and usually conflicting) emotions behind such an event. Although I’ve never experienced anything similar (thankfully), I am fascinated by the underlying emotions. I’m hoping to read more books on the subject matter to further try to understand… even if I never will.

Although this is late, I thought the Weekly Challenge could perfectly express my own perception of the issue. Although Tankas are so fun to write, I prefer haikus –only because the structure is wholly familiar, and the minimal words make them easier to scribe.

You left me behind
trapped in the cruel night alone
your name replaying
like a broken melody
I’m desperate to forget

Screams echo softly
In a beautiful darkness
You’ll remember me
Listen; my depths of despair
that you can never rewind


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10 thoughts on “Remember Me [TANKA]

  1. Congratulations on doing yourself justice in your exams. That must feel great. I love your poem, it has so many layers to it and a deep maturity too.

  2. Thank you for recently visiting my blog and the pingback. It is very appreciated. I like your Tanka above as well. The best to you in your writing and future endeavors.

  3. Hey Ramisa, so good to see you. I myself had been away on hiatus due to exams. A little too long..3-6 months. So tiring. Hope your exams went well. I m still waiting for the results. Another torture…

    Good thing I have blogging to keep me busy now. I’ve got a lot to catch up on.
    Hope to see you more often from now on. Much Love,
    Zee ❤

    • Exams do trigger hiatuses in our lives as students. xD So glad you’re back, though, although I can totally relate: awaiting your results is torture in itself, because your past will continue to haunt you, until your results finally demand you to move on. 😛
      Blogging is a wonderful form of (productive) procrastination, and I hope you have great fun with that! Hope to see you on my dashboard. ^_^

      • Lol Love how poetically you put the result torture ‘ your past will continue to haunt you, until your results finally demand you to move on.’

        Thank you so much, Wish you happy blogging too. ❤

  4. I agree with you Haiku is much easier – I can write them in minutes, but your tanka are really good reads.

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