The Ration Challenge: Beginning


I severely underestimated my energy levels during the mix of Ramadan and The Ration Challenge. Rather than posting daily about my progress, I hope to report in three distinct instalments:

  1. Beginning
  2. Middle
  3. End

Hopefully, this alone can allow reflection on both the challenge, my emotions, and any further thoughts. The funny thing is, I spent the entire day with a constellation of thoughts bouncing off… but they only lasted a fleeting moment. Thus, when I finally sit at my desk, laptop on lap, many of my daily prevalent thoughts have simply faded.

I intend to keep a notebook on hand to prevent future recurrences. But from memory, here are the most prominent thoughts throughout the day:

i. This challenge is difficult… a lot more than I’d anticipated. And it has little to do with the quantity of food –well, that too– but the blandness of taste. If we’re to be completely honest, this is a better indicator of my miserable culinary skills than of the dishes themselves.

But every-time I make a dish of an adequate portion for a meal, I am only able to stomach half.

ii. That said, my mum is happy.

“Hooray!” she exclaims, not noticing my undisguised scowl, “I no longer need to prepare meals for you! Greatest week of my life :)”

My mother is an opportunist, to say the least ❤ Silver linings.

iii. It’s harder when the rest of your family is eating normally. The smell of lamb curry is fleeting from the kitchen… across the hall… up the stairs… and into my room. It made me realise, for the first time, how privileged I am to have such unlimited access to poultry. If anything, The Ration Challenge presents to me an utmost challenge of gratitude, and an unforgettable journey to recall.

iv. I sincerely miss fruit. That is all. Never had I realised how much of my daily diet consisted of fresh, natural fruit until these past two days.

Incredibly, I have a good few more days before the conclusion of this challenge. But I hope that, the next time another post comes your way, it will be filled with newfound realisations & an appreciation for the rations I’ve become accustomed with.

But until then…

Support me?



5 thoughts on “The Ration Challenge: Beginning

  1. A bit of Japanese: がんばれ!(Keep at it!) I would totally join you in your plight, but then my parents would fear me becoming anorexic (or at the very least asthenic).

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