The Ration Challenge: Middle


Incredibly overdue post, but I’d written the relevant points in dot point form. The following outline my thoughts in the middle of the Ration Challenge; specifically, from Days 3-5, where I began straying from my previous path of sorrow, towards gratitude. 

i. The taste of lentils is growing on me. During seri (a Ramadan terminology: the time before sunrise, where we consume food/water for the last time prior to beginning the fast), I looked forward to my daily meal. Surprisingly, the devoid of poultry products didn’t impact me as I’d initially anticipated; in fact, the lack of meat caused me to feel much… lighter. I’m unsure whether this is due to the meat itself, or the excess of sleep (lol), but I’d considered becoming a vegetarian through this experience alone.

However, this would be difficult, because my family are intensive consumers of meat –from a culinary perspective, I can empathise, because meat is easier to cook than vegetables– and to request an alternative meal would pressure them. They are already coping with a difficult lifestyle; I don’t want to overburden them.

That said, I’ve begun hunting for  vegan recipes. I look forward to the day I produce an adequate dish without battling a potential demise. ❤

ii. My craving for pearl milk tea is irrepressible. 😥

I hadn’t realised how dependent I’d become on my daily fix of Chatime (especially around exam time… my first law exams… oh my), until it was no longer permissible.

But, one word: gratitude. The fact I have easy access to these rich, tasty foods is truly a privilege.

iii. Anime has been my unabashed distraction. After signing up for a free 2-week premium trial on CrunchyRoll, I was comforted by a multitude of anime series & manga collections. This did keep me entertained.

But during the month of Ramadan, my spiritual connection with God grew stronger. It’s something I want to continue nourishing. Especially with my newfound gratitude.

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2 thoughts on “The Ration Challenge: Middle

    • JEAN OMG ❤
      I miss your blog so much. Today, we have guests over but as soon as they're gone, I'll devote my time to reread your beautiful words ❤ ❤
      (Oh, and I miss you too ❤ ❤ )

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