Good Morning, Sunshine!

If I had to write a blog-post perfectly… I’d simply not blog at all.

– someone else probably said it first, but… (Ramisa Raya, 2016)

How many incomplete, scrapped first-drafts do I have buried in my dashboard? How many blog-posts end with”Hello I am–” [DELETE]? While these are rhetorical questions… if your answer is “Too many for comfort,” please kindly give yourself a gold-star. Continue reading


A Delightful Surprise [“Risking Exposure”; a paperback gift from the author]

This post is immensely overdue –in fact, possibly a couple of months or so. For this, I blame high school, the world of anime and the abundant book sales I’ve recently visited, indulging in literary goodness. But there are no words to express my gratitude. Continue reading

We’ll Ride Together, Australia

Eyes glued to the screen. The newsreporter opens her mouth.

Recently, the horrific Sydney Siege captured nationwide. Here in fruitful, humble Australia, an armed man seized a small cafe in Sydney with 17 unsuspecting victims at his mercy. He identified himself as a Muslim.

And the pin drops. At a time where the word ‘Islam’ bears frightening connotations post the 9/11 twin tower attacks.

But this is not Islam.

My studies in Islam is a religion of peace where harming innocents is prohibited, deceit is a sin and utmost patience and tolerance is virtue. Love is valued above all.

“… who so kills a soul, unless it be for murder or for wreaking corruption in the land, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind; and he who saves a life, it shall be as if he had given life to all mankind.”

— [Quran, 5:53] Continue reading

…These Qualities You Possess

There’s an aspect of my mother’s parenting I will forever cherish –and admire. When I grew into my pre-teen phase, where societal expectations invaded my thoughts, and the media portrayed perfect-skinned actors with ideal lives, I was slightly disarmed.

With confusion seeping through every pore, I asked my mother a question on most pre-teen minds: “Am I pretty?” Continue reading


Originally, this post was supposed to be a satirical piece revolving around an infatuated man. It’s deliberately lavish in detail and a little absurd in terms of emotions… yet, I discovered I can’t write about infatuation/unrequited love meaninglessly, and concluded with a more philosophical ending than I expected.

In italics are questions, following the “interview/interviewer” setting, but with a nameless interviewer. This is a combination of two challenges; an interview and foreshadowing. I imagine the interviewer to be his own conscience, or even another voice in his head. Continue reading

I Remember the Falling Rain

I remember gazing out my bedroom window, watching the rain cascade down the asphalt in a subtle, beautiful way. My window was blurred with raindrops, the clouds were a mellow silver, and car headlights shone through the water. I was mesmerised. For approximately ten minutes (which is possibly the greatest amount of time I’ve spent away from the computer), I just stood and watched the cars skid down. The world was a beautiful place. Continue reading

An Unfinished Melody (Piano Cover of “Sleepless Beauty” by Ryuichi Sakuma)

When you say the word “unfinished,” I immediately think music. This thought leads to another –namely, my keyboard (or piano)– and I immediately reflect on my unfinished recitation of Sleepless Beauty, one of my favourite instrumentals of all time. Although I’ve never seriously studied music, I picked up a couple of my favourite songs off YouTube.

Yes, I play too fast. Yes, I made a couple of mistakes in that recording because I was nervous (!) even though I was recording it without a tangible audience. Yes, I haven’t entirely learnt the song. Oh, and yes, I am a complete hobbyist when it comes to the piano. I play with enthusiasm rather than striving for perfection.

But it’s just so fun. Quite frankly, I love it. Continue reading