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Recently, I was inspired by the amazing Kaye @ Beautiful Kayekie to develop my own buttons by graphic designing. Her Bloglovin buttons are spectacularly pretty, and I wanted to create something comparable to its beauty. Continue reading


Free High Resolution Stock Photos — An Invaluable Resource

Free dusk dawn horizon photo - creative commons zero

Part of Upsplash’s Royalty-Free photography. Breathtakingly beautiful.

An extremely short post, as these images evidently speak for themselves. Discovered on this lovely blog, I am astounded by the sheer quality in Upsplash‘s photography collection offers.

Their license?

All photos published on Unsplash are licensed under Creative Commons Zero which means you can copy, modify, distribute and use the photos for free, including commercial purposes, without asking permission from or providing attribution to the photographer or Unsplash.

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Lendle: The PERFECT Library for KINDLE Lovers Worldwide (FREE BOOKS!)

Today, I came across a magnificent website that, quite frankly, changed my life. I was scrolling across lending ebooks, and I was considering starting a library of my own (Amazon allows some titles to be lent). However, what I didn’t expect was a wonderfully massive database filled with EVERY book I’ve ever wanted off Amazon. (Although it’s probably worth mentioning that most of my wanted books are Indie, but Lendle offers all varieties; both traditionally published and indie)

This amazing, FREE website is called Lendle.

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Changing the World, One Loan at a Time (Kiva – A Online Charity)

Something my mother always taught me is that, when giving away money to people in times of need, always label it as a loan. It doesn’t matter if they are your closest friends, or if you wouldn’t expect it back/don’t want it back anyway. When someone says something is a loan, there is an obligation to pay it back; the person on the receiving end will take great caution with their spending. It is not something applied to a hypothetical world –I see this behaviour in myself.

For example, I once received a $20 gift-card from my Auntie to spend at Target. I was short on things to buy, and ended up buying some heavily overpriced chocolate, low-quality headphones and a notebook that I never used. However, all that time shopping, I remember being so thankful that I didn’t have to repay the money –I had not spent it on things I need, not even the slightest. In fact, I’ve never been more careless with my money. Although having it in gift-card form did limit my options, I’m sure that, even if it was money, I would be just as careless. Continue reading

Trello: The Organiser That Keeps Everything Together

Today, I stumbled across an amazing little application and felt the need to share. It is free (there is a premium version, but that’s if you want decorative features), so it’s a risk-free, wonderful organiser. I have worked with many other applications before (such as Wunderlist, Springpad, AnyDo) but I always left them after a while, because they served various other purposes, yet not the ones I needed.

However, this changed when I came across Trello.

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Stories in Exactly Six Words

Lately, I’ve found myself unable to engage in a book. I don’t know what happened, but my mind keeps shifting elsewhere, and I find myself reading poetry/watching anime/looking up quotes/ reading blog-posts instead. I am sure this is a phase that will soon pass.

Anyway, I stumbled across an imaginative site called Six Word Stories and am currently rampaging it like a hungry toddler with a cookie jar (!).

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The Night-Sky, Rain Droplets and City Lights

Anybody who’s seen my Tumblr will recognise my obsession with rain and night-skies. They are absolutely beautiful, simple things in life worth cherishing and remembering. It’s currently raining now. I love rain so much.

Today is my first ever “gallery” post, and I hope you’ll like it! It’s am mixture of everywhere I want to be, see and experience even though it’s not really around the world. Like I said, I express myself mostly on Tumblr. Do you have a Tumblr? Comment below with your link, and I’ll be sure to follow you!

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