Goodbye Moon [FLASH FICTION]

Sometimes a single word can ignite your imagination. I was extremely inspired by Emma’s amazing post, where the prompt was a simple (yet powerful) word: moon. The night is such a beautiful place to be, with the simplicity of darkness, away from the busy rush of daytime. Be dynamic during the daylight hours before returning to the night: the place of solace.

The following is flash fiction (merely around 200 words) revolving around the moon. I hope you enjoy it. Continue reading


Leaping Over the Fear of Failure

What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail? It’s a generic question, no doubt, but got me thinking of extremely specific things. There are so many things I’d do if failure wasn’t an expected outcome. I am one of those people who, admittedly, dislike failure with a great passion.

Then again, I’m not sure if anything in life is actually a “fail.” If you learn something from it, use it in the future in a different, positive way, then isn’t it a form of success? I don’t know the meaning of failure –no, literally, a proper definition is lost to me.

I don’t believe anything is a lost cause. (1st definition of failure – Lack of success) Nor can I believe a person attached to this derogatory term can fulfil the criteria completely (2nd definition of failure – An unsuccessful person, enterprise, or thing.) There is always that bit of success which assures that no-one is ever a failure.

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