I’ve never attempted to write from an unreliable narrator‘s perspective. There’s a first time for everything. Michael, the narrator in this story, is not completely lying, but obscuring the glaring truth.

Quite possibly the most morbid and implausible story I’ve written. I’m uncertain where inspiration came from; I’d like to think external influences inspired this one, rather than my own twisted mind. With Halloween creeping closer, this is probably the “scariest” story I’ll write.

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Originally, this post was supposed to be a satirical piece revolving around an infatuated man. It’s deliberately lavish in detail and a little absurd in terms of emotions… yet, I discovered I can’t write about infatuation/unrequited love meaninglessly, and concluded with a more philosophical ending than I expected.

In italics are questions, following the “interview/interviewer” setting, but with a nameless interviewer. This is a combination of two challenges; an interview and foreshadowing. I imagine the interviewer to be his own conscience, or even another voice in his head. Continue reading

Night Carnival [FLASH FICTION]

Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes was the first classic I read cover-to-cover, so although this post a little late, I felt this challenge spoke to me. Also, I never realised he had such a methodical way of obtaining creativity; I think it’s wonderful to create your own inspiration. And, so, here is my attempt at writing a paranormal version of a evil circus… an evil that could be stopped, if somebody would just question the inconsistency in facts. Frightening, isn’t it, how curiosity could stop something so dangerous?

Words I chose to incorporate in my writing are bold. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂 Continue reading

Goodbye Moon [FLASH FICTION]

Sometimes a single word can ignite your imagination. I was extremely inspired by Emma’s amazing post, where the prompt was a simple (yet powerful) word: moon. The night is such a beautiful place to be, with the simplicity of darkness, away from the busy rush of daytime. Be dynamic during the daylight hours before returning to the night: the place of solace.

The following is flash fiction (merely around 200 words) revolving around the moon. I hope you enjoy it. Continue reading

Cheerful, Isolated Harmony [FLASH FICTION]

The following piece is a short but visual piece of my regular mornings. It’s more of a timeless piece, so I was vague as to certain details. But basically, it’s a recollection of my daily awakenings at 6:30 AM (up before any of my family). This is also during summer, the current season in Australia, which explains the early sunrise. 🙂 I’m quite sure it’s winter in a lot of other places, but Australia’s not one of them.

I suppose this is a non-fictional piece. I never thought of it that way; it may be the first non-fiction piece I’ve ever written.

Hope you enjoy it!

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Oh, All My Friends Are Turning Green [A Vignette/Flash Fiction]

This is the third line from the song, Riptide by Vance Joy. It was the last song I heard and extremely (ridiculously) catchy. Anyway, I decided to something a little different with this challenge and write a vignette instead –which is a literary sort of text-type, where objects, scenes and moods are extremely vital, along with the emotions. But contradictory to the definition I was taught, I am going to try and make it as short as possible (a snapshot?) and a little bit like a short-story (but also working on the scene itself, too?)

What is it? I have no idea. Just experimenting here; and I only have 15 minutes to write.

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