An Unfinished Melody (Piano Cover of “Sleepless Beauty” by Ryuichi Sakuma)

When you say the word “unfinished,” I immediately think music. This thought leads to another –namely, my keyboard (or piano)– and I immediately reflect on my unfinished recitation of Sleepless Beauty, one of my favourite instrumentals of all time. Although I’ve never seriously studied music, I picked up a couple of my favourite songs off YouTube.

Yes, I play too fast. Yes, I made a couple of mistakes in that recording because I was nervous (!) even though I was recording it without a tangible audience. Yes, I haven’t entirely learnt the song. Oh, and yes, I am a complete hobbyist when it comes to the piano. I play with enthusiasm rather than striving for perfection.

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Goodbye Moon [FLASH FICTION]

Sometimes a single word can ignite your imagination. I was extremely inspired by Emma’s amazing post, where the prompt was a simple (yet powerful) word: moon. The night is such a beautiful place to be, with the simplicity of darkness, away from the busy rush of daytime. Be dynamic during the daylight hours before returning to the night: the place of solace.

The following is flash fiction (merely around 200 words) revolving around the moon. I hope you enjoy it. Continue reading

7 Instrumental Pieces I Fell In Love With (Part 3)

I suppose I can’t stop listening to instrumental music, no matter how much I try. I’ve lost interest in most of the things I used to enjoy; novel-writing, reading, watching television shows, etc. But for some reason, I still can’t stop listening to music. Maybe that’s the beauty of such expression; a feeling, like a snapshot, a dosage in approximately three minutes. What makes music so brilliant, especially instrumental music, is how I can engross in it anytime, anywhere.

Also, apparently instrumental/classical music is good for concentration (although I have no scientific evidence to prove to you; just internet rumour that may/may not be true). So if you are somebody who’s feeling restless or procrastinating, maybe putting on background music may help?

Anyway, this is my new list of “Top 7 instrumentals” and I doubt it’ll be the last. Again, it’s in no specific order.

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7 Instrumental Pieces I Fell In Love With

Is the beauty of pure, instrumental music forgotten?

Lyrics in every song, artificial sound effects and auto-tuned voices. Don’t get me wrong, lyrics are the reason I love many songs. But sometimes I wonder: where has the recognition of wordless music gone?

When a friend of mine, Ivey, asked me for some instrumental suggestions… well, I had too many to suggest. My life revolves around wordless songs; they can brighten/darken up my day in a single playing.

In the list below, I have my Top Seven instrumental pieces, along with incorporated YouTube videos of the song.

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